India Travel Sketches

Here is a preliminary view of my India sketches. I visited Kerala for three months, and drew sketches, for the most part, instead of photographing.

Thank you to the Kerala Cultural Association of British Columbia, whose members welcomed me to your social functions long before I believed that I would ever visit Kerala.

Thank you to Jane Patrick at North South Travel for your good advice in selecting comfortable flights from among the many options, and your practical travel tips.

Special thank you to Sreeram at KVK, Sheebu PK, Sudheesh at Athirappilly Waterfall in  Vazhachal Forest District, Devasia, Shafeek, Raouf, Aneesh P. Nair, Valsen, Jyothi.

Thank you to the cooks and staff at Hotel Sreelakshmi for preparing and serving such delicious, healthy food.

Thank you to everybody along the way who took the time to talk.

Thank you to the faculty and students at the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram.

Thank you to all the staff at Ayodhya Tower, Modern Cycle, Krishna Cycle, Rampart Homestay, Phoenix Art Supplies, Hill Palace Museum at Thripunithura. You treated me as a guest and as a friend.

Thank you to my friends back home, whom I missed on my trip and whom I so often would have liked to have had with me to share the experiences.

Thank you to Mom, the lifelong traveller, who reassured me that this was a good idea.

Thank you to the late Alice Pick.

4 thoughts on “India Travel Sketches

  1. Alan Floyd

    Hey Ingo, it was great to bump into you the other day and always fascinating chatting; with seemingly never enough time. Thanks for mentioning to me your website. There is some beautiful artwork and some very interesting design concepts on it. I think that they tell me a little bit more about your personality, because that really seems to shine through them all. I’d be interested in seeing your India artwork when that comes on line as well. Keep up the good work, regards, Al, Tanglewood books.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Al
      Thank you for your kind comments! And please let me return the compliment: I am happy to have your book store nearby, where I stumble across gems such as the Ansel Adams photography guides. And I always enjoy chatting with you. Cheers!

  2. John Cheng

    Hi Ingo! Congratulations and Thank You!

    So glad that you have put your sketches online. And fitting for the Thanksgiving weekend on which I have discovered this update to your website. Wonderful sketches that exemplifies your dedication and your sharing spirit. A “thank you” for every sketch you have shared!

    Hope to catch up with you soon.



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