Other Websites

Cassettepunk   http://cassettepunk.com/

Alec takes apart electronic devices, researches them, and rebuilds them, along with a good dose of programming, to create a tour de force of repurposing.

Fred Nachbaur  http://www.dogstar.dantimax.dk/

If you don’t have a congenial mentor on the topic of tube electronics, Fred’s site is a good place to help you get started.

I have spent many hours reading the late Fred Nachbaur’s explanation of how a Single Ended Triode tube amplifier works, and how to build one, in his MiniBlok project, a design that people the world over have now built.

Mortar and Pistil   http://mortarandpistil.com/

Stephanie, a Vancouver artist, creates jewelry that delicately evokes the patterns in nature. Stephanie applies a deft touch to create harmonious designs.

Musket V Twin    http://www.musketvtwin.com/home.html

Aniket Vardhan designed and built the motorcycle that he always wanted: a V-twin Royal Enfield. In the process, he taught himself pattern making and machining. He created one of the most beautiful motorcycles. Make that two.


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