Honing Guide for Plane Blades


Honing Guide: For sharpening plane blades, I wanted a honing guide that has the minimum of adjustments, and is quick to use. This one can be simple because it is for plane blades and nothing else. For different angles, one would keep on hand different guides with different built-in angles.

Full-size maquette: polystyrene, wood, brass, steel, paint

 HoningGuideBladesI designed the honing guide to sharpen blades from spokeshave blades up to jointer plane blades. I designed it for only plane blades, not chisels or other edge tools. This allowed for simplification.



The honing guide has a matching base into which it fits.



There is a stop in the base that sets the blade extension. This makes for consistent angles from one sharpening to the next.



This guide is made to hone a 25 degree bevel.



Flip the guide over to hone a 5 degree back bevel.


HoningGuidePartsThe constituent parts: Honing guide, blade clamp and nut. The guide has parallel lines to assist aligning the blade when one clamps the blade in place.


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