Octopus Coffee Can

OctopusCoffeeCanI had this idea when I was visiting a museum. I saw all these finely made silver serving vessels, and I thought how I would like to see a detailed octopus as the handle for a coffee can.

Drawing on paper: dry pastel, felt marker, paint

2 thoughts on “Octopus Coffee Can

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the vote of confidence. Thanks for pointing out people’s love of coffee. I do not drink coffee, so I never even thought of the public’s love for coffee. I came up with the octopus coffee can because I was fascinated by the dinner table accessories that cultures have produced.

      I once saw Quirky in action up close, and I don’t think it is the model for me. I might one day manufacture a design with a web-based company if I feel an affinity for the company.


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