Spirit of the Automobile

SpiritOfTheAutomobileA University of British Columbia department asked for submissions for a trophy design, and I sketched this. I never submitted the design, but I ended up building it as a sculpture for myself when I was studying at Langara College. I felt inspired by the Trundholm Sun Chariot, a bronze-age artifact.

Aluminium, slate, steel

2 thoughts on “Spirit of the Automobile

  1. elham

    Dear Ingo,

    This sculpture really impressed me. The way that you put her arms made me think that she closed her eyes and the wheels with no stir made me feel that she dosent have control on the vahicle ‘s path . It reminded me the idea that how human beings are following the stream of modern life ,blind minded,without thinking about where it really ends up…
    Thank you for creating it.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you, Elham, for your kind comment. I think that you have sensed the ambiguous intent that I had. I like the automobile as a great art form, one of my favourites, in fact, that modern civilization has produced. And yet the automobile embodies so much about our culture that is vain and tragic.


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